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"Let's Trace and Color for 3 Years Old" is more than just a workbook, it's a comprehensive tool for early childhood development. It's designed to be age-appropriate, ensuring that the activities are perfectly aligned with the developmental needs and potentials of preschoolers.

This book is an ideal choice for parents who wish to provide their children with a solid foundation in their early learning years.


It consists of several parts:

- Tracing Lines: this section is the starting point of your child's learning journey. It focuses on tracing basic lines, a fundamental activity that helps in gaining control over arm, hand and finger movements. This simple yet effective exercise lays the groundwork for future writing and drawing skills.

- Shape Tracing: this part prepares children for more complex writing and drawing tasks, improving their fine motor skills, muscle dexterity and coordination.

- Number Tracing: This segment provides an excellent opportunity for early math skill development, including number recognition and counting.

- Coloring: after tracing the shapes, the child can color the resulting pictures. Coloring isn't just fun, it also has a positive effect on improving concentration and promoting self-expression.

Let's Trace and Color - tracing lines and shapes, numbers tracking from 1 to 10

VAT Included
  • • Contains 52 pages including the cover.

    • Unlimited printing - you can print these files indefinitely, as many copies as you need.
    • Colors may vary slightly due to individual computer screen and printer settings.
    • 1 high quality PDF file
    • File size: 26 MB
    • Page size: 210 x 297 mm (A4 format)

  • ★ This product is digital, no physical product will be sent.
    ★ For personal use only, please do not copy, share, distribute, or sell these files.
    ★ Every digital and instant download purchase is non-refundable, as there is no way for me to tell whether you have used the download. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.
    ★ Please be aware, colors may vary depending on monitor and printer styles/settings and material type.
    ★ All additional props such as stock photos, frames, items on display and non-incorporated writing are just for illustrative purposes and are not included within the sale.

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