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Privacy Policy

1. Protection of information
1.1. takes your information seriously and makes every effort to protect the information you provide that you leave while visiting the website or making a purchase.
1.1.1. Such information may include:
- your email,
- your name,
- your postal address,
- your IP,
- identification of your device / browser from which you make a purchase,
- your phone number,
- other personal information that may be used by you in the process of visiting our website and making a purchase.
1.2. To provide high-quality services, we place the domain and site files only with reliable Internet service providers who have proven themselves on the good side in protecting customers' information, and which guarantee high technical protection against external malicious influences.
1.3. We do not sell or distribute to third parties the information specified in clause 1.1.1.
1.4. The data you left in the process of registration and purchase of goods is not displayed to other users of the website.
1.5. The information you have left (with the exception of the password), except for you, can only be seen by the administrator of the website.
1.6. In case you have forgotten the password, a password reminder function is provided.
1.7. You can read more about the information that is collected by cookies in the appropriate section of the Cookies Policy of this website.

2. Cancellation and deletion of personal account
2.1. You can register or delete your personal account by sending us a message via the message form at the bottom of the website asking us to delete your account.
In this case, your account and all the information you leave will be completely deleted.

3. Changes
3.1. Please note that we may change the rules and policies of this website with or without notice (if such changes are aimed at improving the operation of the website and protecting your information or the information of other users of this website).

4. Technical protection
4.1. For technical protection, the use of the following functions is provided:
• SSL certificate
• daily backups
• a number of intelligent protection modules have been installed that block malicious behavior of users and programs.
• support is provided through Bit Ninja
• Cloudflare protection is enabled.
• other technical protections are in place to safeguard your personal data.
• only reliable payment aggregators are involved in accepting payments, for example PayPal.

We do our best to ensure that your visit to the website and the checkout process is fast and safe for you.


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