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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
1. These general conditions apply to the services of the website
2. Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy is available in the appropriate sections of this website.
3. The first time you visit the website, a cookie message appears at the bottom. By clicking on the button to accept the terms of this message, you confirm that you agree to be bound by the Terms of this website.
4. It is assumed by default that if you have placed an order on our website, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions offered and the price of the product from
5. Personal account
5.1. By registering on the website, you get access to a personal account, through which you can access your purchases.
5.2. Registration takes place by filling in the required fields when registering a user.
5.3. You are responsible for choosing a strong password and keeping this password confidential.
5.4. If you have registered on the website but change your mind about making a purchase, you can leave the site without any obligations and conditions.
5.5. You get access to the digital product you purchased immediately after payment. To do this, you need to go to the "Downloads" section in your personal account, from where you can download it to your computer or mobile device.
5.6. Please read the digital product description carefully before making a purchase for more details.
6. Purchase procedure
6.1. Procedure for ordering books and other digital products:
a) Product selection;
b) Registration on the website;
c) Payment via PayPal or by card;
d) Go to the "Downloads" section of your personal account;
e) Downloading the product.
6.2. Please note that your Internet speed must be sufficient to download the purchased book, since the file size in some cases may exceed 100 Mb. The file size is indicated in the digital product description.
7. Prices
7.1. Prices shown include VAT and other taxes.
When you buy and download a PDF book, you will not be charged any additional fees other than the price of the book you paid.
8. Website services
8.1. makes every effort, day and night, to ensure that the services of the website are always working to the maximum and takes technical measures to ensure that the website remains always online.
8.2. strives to act as reasonably, carefully and adequately in the event of complaints and resolve them through email support as quickly as possible.
8.3. If you have any problems with the opening and use of the book, please contact us by email for urgent assistance, since the problem may be related to the technical parameters of your computer or mobile device or browser, which, due to lack of timely updates, may not support some new versions of the books.
If our help did not help, we will replace the book for free with a version of the book that will be supported by your device.
8.4. You have the right to leave a review about the book - it will be published, with the exception of texts containing offensive or other information that violates the law.
9. Limitations
9.1. Requirements apply, namely we expect you:
must not distribute your PDF book to third parties for the purpose of generating income.
9.2. If these conditions are not met, the user account will be suspended or deleted with or without notification to the user.
9.3. You should consider the fact that you do not receive intellectual property rights in the purchased book.
9.4. Third party services may be part of the website's activities. In this case, additional terms and conditions of these third parties apply for the use of these services.
9.5. You must be 18 years of age or older to use this website.
10. Refund policy
10.1. If you purchased a PDF book but were unable to download it from your personal account or downloaded but can not open the file-message us, and we will provide to your email a direct link which is valid for several days (1 to 3 days) to download the book.
10.2. Please note that returns of digital products, such as PDFs and other file formats, are not accepted. Since these items can be copied or printed, we cannot accept returns once they are delivered. Please consider this fact before purchasing.
11. If you have any questions, please send your message through the form at the bottom of the site.
We will try to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Kind Regards

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